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Forget terrorism and weapons of mass destruction, says well-known business writer David Heenan. The next global war will be fought over human capital--and America's already losing. Immigrant brainpower has always been vital to the U.S. economy, and never more so than today, when half of the Ph.D.s working here are foreign born. Emerging economies in Iceland to India are taking bold steps to lure their native born back. The best and brightest in America are returning to their homelands in record numbers--and with them is going U.S. technology and economic preeminence.

Flight Capital In Flight Capital, Heenan explores this exodus through the personal stories of dozens of successful, foreign-born professionals who are leaving America for opportunities in their native lands: China, Ireland, Singapore, Taiwan, India, Mexico, Iceland, and Israel. Can anything be done to stop the "reverse brain drain?" Heenan identifies a dozen strong actions that the U.S. can take--rethinking our politics and attitudes in politics, business, and education--to save its position as the world leader in human capital. Compelling and timely, this book is sure to spark debate on where America's future lies in the global economic community.

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